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If you are in the Waco Texas area, you can call Randall from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday at
235-7929. If no answer, leave a message and your call will be returned.

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Contact us from anywhere at any time at: consultant10

(The address above changes from time to time to foil spammers. Clients are given a permanent email address.)

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         "Helping individuals and small businesses make
          effective use of computers and the Internet."

Gridspace has provided affordable advice and help with computer and software purchasing, software use, web site design, online interaction with customers, and more to individuals and small businesses in San Antonio since 1988. In the spring of 2004 we moved to Waco, Texas and started to provide individuals and small businesses in Waco and the surrounding area with the same quality services and affordable prices our San Antonio customers enjoyed. Call or email us to discover how we can help you. Some of our specialities are listed on this page.

Computer System Support

If you do not think your computers are working hard enough in your business or in your life, GridSpace will help you find affordable ways to make them work better for you. We are experts on low cost and open source off-the-shelf software and can help you find the software you need to get your work done. Have you called "vendor support" only to discover that their solution to all problems, no matter how minor, is to suggest you start by reinstalling Windows? Our goal is to help you and/or your business make effective use of your computers and the Internet without blowing your budget or reinstalling Windows every time something goes wrong. We can even provide personalized tutoring if you need help getting up to speed with your computer.

Contact GridSpace for more information.

"One Page" Web Sites

More people, including your customers and potential customers, search online to find businesses and professionals. If you or your company does not have a web page, you will be invisible to a growing number of people. While you may think of a complex and expensive Fortune 500 style site, when you hear someone tell you your business needs a web site, that's really the last thing most small businesses need. What most small businesses and professionals need is a "yellow page ad" on a web page.

This can be as simple as a single page telling your customers and potential customers who you are, what you can do for them, where you are, when you are open, and how to get in touch with you. If you have more to tell, you can always add more pages as time permits. A web site like this can easily give more information than a full page ad in the yellow pages, but is generally far less expensive: $100-200 to design and create and less than $75 a year to host under your own domain name on the web. A web site gives you bonus features for the money as well:

* Professional looking email addresses under your company's domain name
* Space to store offsite backups of important files
* Ability to change your page when needed. You aren't locked into to what you say today for a full year.

This site is an example of what can be done with a "One Page" Web Site.

Contact GridSpace for more information.

Full Web Sites

Need more than one page to present your business? Gridspace will also help you create a multipage web site. While these are more expensive to create, they generally do not cost any more to host under your own domain than a one page web site does. These are still simple sites, designed to tell customers and potential customers about your business.

For an example of a multipage web site, take a look at the La Vega Veterinary Clinic web site. Gridspace did this web site pro bono for Dr. Walthall as she has given so much to the community over the years, including providing veterinary services for the Waco Humane Society and many years of service on the La Vega School Board. We took her text and pictures and worked with her and her clinic staff to create this site. We can do the same for your business at a price that will not send your cash flow into reverse.

Contact GridSpace for more information.

Small Business Intranets

Do you have multiple employees on a small network? If so, your business could see an increase in productivity with a small Intranet with copies of your company policies and procedures and other information you and your people need every day.

While most people think of a fancy and expensive corporate system with a team of programmers to keep it running when they think of an Intranet, an Intranet can be low cost and simple to create and maintain. For example, with an old computer to use as a server and free, open source software, you can set up a private portal where company news and procedures can be easily posted, and documents can be centrally stored, yet available, to your employees. If your company is large enough to require it, a forum can be added where current business issues can be discussed or a wiki can be set up so your staff can easily share pool their knowledge and expertise.

The entire system can usually be set up and running on your network in a few hours -- ready for you and your staff to place your business data on. Don't let the term "Intranet" scare you. Your small business can have the benefits of an Intranet -- the same benefits large corporations use to for a competitive edge -- without large investments of time and money. Gridspace has set up Intranets for a number of small businesses (from 2 to over 40 employees). We'd be happy to discuss your business needs and help you determine if an Intranet could help you meet those needs.

Contact GridSpace for more information.

Forums and Message Boards

You may have heard that forums are a great way to stay in touch with members of your church, club, or association (or even to provide support for your customers). They can indeed be all of that, but one must evaluate the pros and cons before deciding to set one up and then deal with selecting software, creating rules, training staff, etc. to make the project actually work. Randall, GridSpace's principal, has been running message boards and forums of many types since the mid-1980s. First on local computer bulletin boards and on Fidonet, then professionally on GE's GEnie Online Service in the 1990s, and on Internet forums in the 21st century. He knows the pitfalls and can help you decide whether or not to run a forum and aid in the selection of software, writing rules, and training message board staff.

Contact GridSpace for more information.